everything you need to know about escapism

escapism is a mental diversion or distraction to escape unpleasant, boring life. usually, people escape reality by engaging themselves in the fantasy world. basically, it means to avoid things that you don’t like. it can come in different forms. some people escape by seeking out alternate activities, such as sleeping and playing .some engage themselves in work. and some really get involved in addiction like alcohol, smoking drugs, and even emotional eating (bingeing).some even go to a new place, migrate to a new place to start a new life. many people try to escape from various things no matter what they are trying to avoid, these things ultimately filter down to their fears, their deepest sorrows, their pain, their unpleasant past, and their disappointments.


Truly Mind?

Psychology is an aspect of science which basically study behavior and the human mind. The definition is a triad of component in that it contains a scientific scope or aspect, the human behavior and the human mind. The scientific study approach each aspect of it study in a systematic approach and in an objective manner of observing the changes and the experiment as a whole.

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